Medaka Box – 02!

This week’s episode of Medaka Box was a little iffy on my end.  Actually, it was more like two mini episodes shoved into a 20 minute slot, which wasn’t bad but Medaka is presented as almost too perfect, which is sort of addressed in the latter half.  It left the first half seriously lacking in any kind of development, though.  There was conflict, there was resolution and all within like 30 seconds and it left me going “…okay?”  I’m hoping it’s a lead up or maybe character information about her I might need later.  In terms of instant gratification, the second half of the episode I could appreciate a lot more because it gave us a different side to Medaka we see she indeed has a flaw or two, even if they are just really bizarre.  It makes her look more human and gives a little more strength behind Zenkichi’s devotion to her.

All around, it was a pretty entertaining episode.  I’m pretty convinced Hansode is psycho but it’s funny.

I could go in to more detail but I don’t want to be spoilery and without specific details on what the hell I’m talking about this is the best I can think of.

Also!  I’m almost ready to transfer everything over to the new domain so be on the look out for a new link.

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This gallery contains 15 photos.

I won’t sugar coat it.  I did not like Katanagatari at all.  It frustrated me so much I didn’t even finish the series so it is beyond me why it is so popular.  The pieces are there and want so … Continue reading

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2.0 – Kero

New header. Bye bye Cure Blossom and hello Kerberos

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Resurgence Pack DLC – Go get some!

Last week, Bioware announced a free DLC for the Mass Effect 3 multiplayers complete with new races, characters, weapons, map and a nifty trailer!  As you can see by the picture, each class got another option thrown into the mix with Batarians and Geth being new races and Asari Justicar and Krogan Battlemaster being giant question marks.  Well, to me anyway, seeing that I wasn’t lucky enough to get either out of all the credits I managed to save up over the weekend.  I did, however, luck out on the Geth Engineer!

Having a base health pool of 250 is really intimidating but I think the Hunter Mode abilities are designed to counteract that.  It looks like if you choose to forgo the fitness talents (ie; Advanced Hardware on the bottom) you can spec into all the shield regeneration talents in Hunter Mode and get your damage output via weapons in the Networked AI talents.

The first screenshot give you a nice little bit of lore (I just started the first game, so maybe this information was established already) and makes me really sad I didn’t get my hands on any of the other new race or the other class combos as they also might have little tidbits to read!  All the question marks give really fun information. I’ve read through all the weapon ones but none of them told me what the point of SMGs are.  Spray and Pray?  I have assault rifles for that, thank you.  Although, I have to admit that the new Geth SMG is quite impressive.  The accuracy is amazing compared to all others I’ve tried and with all the speed buffs, you can get a pretty awesome near-laser like spray going.

So far, I’ve only been able to experience one of the two new maps; Firebase Hydra.  I was in awe the first time because it’s visually very very pretty, it feels like there is absolutely no chance at decent cover.  No cover + Reapers + 250 base health = lots of death.  Le sigh.

Lots of pictures today!  Hopefully it accurately expresses how much fun I had playing the Geth Engineer.  Your turret does loads of damage when completely specced for it but I’m not sure what deviating from that might look like.  After trying it, though, I’m not sure it would be worth going for all of the shield regeneration talents because it’s pretty fast as it is.  The only thing is the delay on it.  You also have to take into account how often you might be standing in range of your turret to get the shield benefit from it.

I am toying around with the idea of trading all my Network AI points for Advanced Hardware points because you really really can not take that many hits.


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Accel World – 1!

I didn’t really want to keep up with a third show to blog with this season, considering it’s my first time trying but, I have to say, if there’s anything I want to keep up with it’s Accel World.  Although, for a more indepth and interesting read I would slide on over to 8thsin because he got a lot more out of it than I did; cultural references and etc.

Visually, everything was absolutely stunning and the future tech concepts are really interesting.  The whole thing reminded me of some weird mix between Ghost in the Shell, .Dot//hack (minus the emo) with a sprinkling of the World God Only Knows.  Like Ghost in the Shell, the story of Accel World states that neuro technology was discovered, essentially connecting the internet directly into everyone’s brain making it a more literal type of computer.

A lot of this episode was just setting up the world and the characters.  Though, I have to admit, that nice little cliff hanger at the end has me hanging off my seat for more!

Long story short – WATCH IT.

/links: MAL || ANN || Wiki

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Sengoku Collection – 1!

Like the Sengokus before it, the most well known probably being Basara and Otome, Sengoku Collection is a comedy based on the premise of a famous name from an alternate timeline of the Sengoku period in Japan’s history being mysteriously transported to our modern day world.  In this iteration we have Oda Nobunaga, military conqueror extraordinaire, alternatively represented as a young female wish dashing neon pink hair.  I say dashing because I always get a little jealous of the characters with brightly colored hair.

Sengoku Collection’s first episode was funny enough to make me laugh out loud a few times and presents two main characters that are both predictable and charming.  The art itself is whimsical and fantastic, presenting itself like a water color children’s book (click on screen shot 3) and, as the title suggests the first episode promises many more Sengoku characters.  My only hope is they will be as precious as Nobunaga.

/links: MAL || ANN || Wiki

/post script: I’m working on moving myself and this blog over to a powered domain. Blogging like this made me remember how much I like to mess around with graphic and script, which are limited by a free account and are ridiculously expensive via paid add-ons. I’ve already found the Follow widget should you choose to continue loyally following me once the transition is complete. Though, I’m toying of the idea of double posting. Until said time I’ll keep posting here because the import feature is delicious.

/post post script: I’m going to go back through and make all screen shots clickable, if you ever wanted to see it full sized.

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Medaka Box – Begin!

I just finished the first episode of Medaka Box after it was mentioned in one of the comments and, I was pleasantly surprised.  Honestly, I can’t say I was expecting anything and that’s mainly because I haven’t read the manga yet.  Hansode is damn adorable and reminds me of Ringo from Ookami-san; they both know they’re adorable and they abuse it.  Brats.

The general plot for anyone else who hasn’t read the manga is Medaka has been the quintessentially perfect child as far back as her best friend, Zenkichi, can remember and it frustrates him not because she’s perfect but because she can’t understand why no one else can be the same way.  She’s become the student council president and sole member of the student council whose mission is to successfully take care of every suggestion that gets placed in her bo: the Medaka Box.  Now that I think about it, there’s more similarities to Ookami-san than just Hansode and Ringo; a school based organization whose mission it is to help other students?  At least Ookami-san was really enjoyable, so that’s not a bad thing.

I might write for every episode this season or I might just touch over the first episodes of the ones I decide to watch.  Maybe both?  I’m not sure yet.

/links: MAL || ANN || Wiki

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